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Floating liquid discharge device
Floating liquid discharge device

Floating liquid discharge device

The floating liquid discharge device is used to extract the upper layer liquid in the oil storage tank. The manufacturer of the floating disk indicates that the floating liquid discharge device is used in various vertical or horizontal storage tanks. One end is connected to the relevant short liquid outlet tube and the other end It is used for the pontoon hanging under the liquid surface or linked to the floating plate, and floating up and down as the liquid surface rises and lowers, and the surface medium is always extracted. Since moisture and impurities settle at the bottom under the action of gravity, a floating liquid discharge device is used to extract the relatively clean medium in the upper layer, which guarantees the quality of the emitted medium.

The floating liquid discharge device is mainly composed of connecting flanges, rotary joints, main supports, auxiliary supports, buoys, pipe fittings, rectifier grids, static wires and other components.

The floating liquid discharge device can be used as the main support for the sampler under the tank.

Oil regulator device:

In order to save energy, improve efficiency and protect the environment, higher oil quality and more varieties are required.

Oil blending is an important process for the production of refined oil.

Combining the characteristics of the floating oil arm, our company has developed and developed a new oil blending product.

A new type of floating oil blending device. The oil blending device can rise or fall simultaneously with the oil level in the storage tank. It can make the oil products disperse and flow from top to bottom in the tank, play a role in reconciling the oil products, and finally make the oil products with different components fully and uniformly mixed.

Structural features:

The structure of the floating oil blending device is shown in Figure 1. It is mainly composed of a population end, a lower inlet pipe, an upper inlet pipe, an outrigger, a rotary joint, a "ten" diverter, a pontoon, an outlet end, a connecting member or a guide mechanism. One end of the device is the inlet end, and the other end is the "ten" splitter. The inlet end is connected to the bottom of the storage tank through a flange.

The functions of the components of the device are as follows:

(1) The inlet end consists of an elbow and a flange, and is connected to the bottom inlet pipe flange.

(2) The upper and lower oil inlet pipes are used for oil transportation. For larger size oil inlet pipes, it can be considered to be made in multiple sections, which can be easily connected by flanges during transportation and installation.

(3) Outriggers. When there is no oil in the storage tank and the device is at a standstill, it is used to fix and support the weight of the device to ensure that the inner floating roof is not under tension.

(4) Rotary joints are mainly composed of inner ring, outer ring, main seal, connecting flange and steel ball. Each device contains 3 rotary joints, which are used to connect various parts of the device, and float and rotate with the oil level inside the tank. The main seal adopts reinforced PTFE material with automatic compensation, which has the characteristics of flexibility and good sealing.

(5) The "T" splitter is mainly composed of seamless pipe assembly welding, and multiple oil outlets are evenly distributed in the lower part, which plays a role of reconciling the oil and keeps the oil outlet below the liquid level.

(6) The pontoon is a fully enclosed hollow long round pass, which is light in weight and avoids the "T" splitter from hitting the tank wall.

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