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Talking about the technical parameters of unloading crane pipe

The unloading crane pipe is a device that is connected in series by a rolling joint with good tightness and a pipeline, and is used for the liquid medium transfer operation between the tank truck and the trestle storage and transportation pipeline.

The materials of the crane tube are selected according to different conveying media. Generally, the materials of the crane tube are generally divided into: carbon steel, stainless steel, 316L, PTFE lined, 16Mn and so on.

Lianyungang Hengjiang Petrochemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. produces a full range of fluid loading and unloading equipment standards, safe and reliable operation, simple and flexible operation, convenient installation and repair, superior sealing performance, and has significant advantages in the domestic industry. The main parameters of unloading crane pipe:

Applicable medium: various liquid and gaseous products

Nominal caliber: DN50-DN150;

Planned temperature: -196 ° C—250 ° C;

Planning pressure: -0.08Mpa—6.0Mpa;

Material of pipeline: carbon steel, stainless steel, liner;

The above are the technical parameters of the dump truck crane pipe described to us by Xiaobian. We can simply understand it. The content is only for our reference. If you have any inquiry, please contact us.

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