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Bottom loading arm provides high security

The bottom loading arm is used for transportation of petrochemicals and other chemical substances. It is required to use. The medium in the pipe can be water or oil. Because of long-term contact with the chemical substance, the corrosion resistance of the crane pipe is higher. The crane pipe is mainly fixed and resistant. Rotation, operation, balance and other organizations and tubing.

The reverse structure is carefully made of forged steel or aluminum alloy, with double-row ball bearings inside, and a special stainless steel seal ring. It is sensitive to rotation, has a reliable sealing function, and is durable. This is why some cranes are selected for the transportation of some chemicals. The bottom loading arm is a pipe that can be moved and retracted. It is often used for liquid loading and unloading in petrochemical docks. The medium in the pipe can be water or oil. It uses rotary joints to connect with rigid pipes and elbows to realize trains and cars. The mobile equipment that transports liquid media between the tank truck and the trestle storage and transportation pipelines, instead of the old-fashioned hose connection, has high safety, sensitivity and long life.

The applicable range of the bottom loading arm is that the working temperature of the inner floating plate is -30 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, and its working pressure is in the atmospheric storage tank. Gusu's bottom loading and unloading arm is a floating top cover that floats on the liquid surface of the oil tank and moves up and down with the oil. It does not pollute oil or chemicals, can reduce the volatilization loss of the medium, and avoids air pollution. It is an ideal internal Floating roof.

It uses such an internal floating roof to cover the liquid surface, which is currently recognized as an ideal economical and simple way to reduce oil transpiration loss. The above is the scope of application of floating disks.

The above is a brief introduction to the bottom loading arm of the editor, which has a high level of security, and everyone can understand it briefly. The content is for reference only. Those who need to know and consult can contact us.

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