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Talk about the material requirements of liquid ammonia crane pipe

Liquid ammonia crane tube — Wang Wenshengyi is a crane tube used for liquid ammonia loading and unloading operations.

First, let's find out what is liquid ammonia. Liquid ammonia, also known as anhydrous ammonia, is a colorless liquid with a strong pungent odor. Ammonia is an important chemical raw material. In order to transport and store lunches, gaseous ammonia is generally pressurized or cooled to obtain liquid ammonia. Liquid ammonia is easily soluble in water. When dissolved in water, it forms ammonium ion NH4 + and hydroxide ion OH-. The solution is alkaline. Liquid ammonia is mostly stored in pressure-resistant steel cylinders or steel tanks, and cannot coexist with acetaldehyde, acrolein, boron and other substances. Liquid ammonia is widely used in industry, it is corrosive and volatile, so the incidence of chemical incidents is very high.

As can be seen from the above, liquid ammonia is a corrosive volatile medium, which requires special loading crane tubes for loading and unloading operations. The general crane tube model is AL2543, the letter AL stands for land liquid loading and unloading arm, and the first digit 2 represents bottom loading and unloading. The second digit 5 indicates that the number of rotary joints of the liquid phase tube is 5, the third digit 4 indicates that the gas phase tube method is a downturn type, and the fourth digit 3 indicates that the liquid phase tube mode is a upturn type. The main raw materials of liquid ammonia crane tube:

Pipe flanges and fittings: 304; Ball valves: 304; Quick connectors: 304;

Rotary joint: outer ring 30CrMo or 45 steel, inner ring 304, flange 304;

Main sealing ring: PTFE, stainless steel skeleton;

The above is the raw material requirements of the liquid ammonia crane tube which I briefly described to everyone. You can simply understand it. The content is for reference only. If you want to ask more questions about crane tube, please contact our factory.

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