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How to properly install the liquid ammonia crane tube

The following editors briefly describe how to properly install the liquid ammonia crane pipe:

It is a colorless liquid with a strong pungent odor. Ammonia is an important chemical raw material. For the convenience of transportation and storage, liquid ammonia is usually obtained by pressurizing or cooling the gaseous ammonia. Liquid ammonia is easily soluble in water. After dissolving in water, ammonium ion NH4 + and hydroxide ion OH- are formed. The solution is alkaline. Liquid ammonia is mostly stored in pressure-resistant steel cylinders or steel tanks, and cannot coexist with acetaldehyde, acrolein, boron and other substances. Liquid ammonia is widely used in industry. It is corrosive and volatile, so its chemical accident rate is very high.

For every friend who uses the liquid ammonia crane tube, in order to get the most out of his role, he needs to install it correctly. The following will introduce to you how to do it correctly in practice. installation.

We must pay attention to strictly follow the relevant standards, especially when the oil platform is connected with the crane tube, we must pay great attention to it, we must pay attention to ensure the connection between the oil platform and the crane tube, so as to ensure that Normal use.

Connect the horizontal short tube of the liquid ammonia crane tube to the base flange above the oil platform. Next, you need to pay attention to connecting the horizontal short tube to the lifting arm. It is also very important to pay attention to the balance when installing.

In order to properly install the liquid ammonia crane tube, the above aspects need attention, and only in this way can it be used better.

The above is how we can install the liquid ammonia crane pipe correctly. We can simply understand it. The content is for your reference only. If you need advice, please contact us.

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