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Precautions for operation, maintenance and maintenance of stepladder

The installation method of the stepladder can use pre-buried anchor bolts, and fix the bottom plate on the trestle through four 23 holes on the bottom plate, or directly weld it to the trestle.

The moving ladder is generally installed on the edge of the trestle. Open the pedal locking device, loosen the iron chain on one side, lower the moving ladder, lean the end step on or near the tank truck, and hang the chain.

With novel structure, light operation, safe and reliable use. The overall material is low-carbon steel, tube profiles, galvanized, beautiful, corrosion-resistant and durable; step-shaped mesh structure, good anti-skid performance; anti-collision protection to avoid sparks. Double spring cylinders are symmetrical, reliable, and easy to operate. The anti-detachment iron chain guarantees the reliability of the work under the empty suspension of the ladder, and the steps can be reversed to ensure the safety of personnel during operation.

The maximum elevation angle of the two-step, three-step, and four-step ladders is 90 °, and the maximum downward angle is 25 °.

The three-step ladder weighs about 130 kg and the four-step ladder weighs about 160 kg.

The maximum load of the movable ladder designed by our company is not less than 200 kg.

Packing method: Domestic transportation is packed by iron frame bundling, and sack cloth is used to protect the metal contact parts. For international transportation, export wooden boxes are used.

Precautions for operation, maintenance and maintenance:

Check the shaft pins on both sides of the end step. When the amount of wear exceeds one fifth, the shaft pins need to be replaced.

Fill the rotating part regularly with butter, such as shaft pins, bearings, etc.

The locked place of the pedal should be lightly stepped on and put on lightly. Do not use the stepladder as a load-carrying tool.

The action of operating the ladder should not be too fast, it is best to make it light and light.

After the loading and unloading operation is completed, the moving ladder must be closed to avoid a collision.

The above are the precautions for the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the stepladder, which can be briefly described by everyone. You can simply take a look. The content is for your reference only. If you need to know more about the crane tube, you can contact us Lianyungang Hengjiang Petrochemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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