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Loading crane pipe has high safety

Look at the loading crane tube and rubber ball cleaning device Lianyungang Hongqing Electric Power Auxiliary Machinery Development Co., Ltd. News information update, let you know more about the characteristics of loading crane tube and rubber ball cleaning device? Let's first introduce the principle and composition of the loading crane tube and rubber ball cleaning device?

What is the principle of loading crane pipe? Loading and unloading crane tubes, also known as liquid loading and unloading arms, are mainly composed of fixed, rotating, operating, balancing and other mechanisms and oil pipes. Among them, the slewing mechanism (slewing joint) is carefully made of forged steel or aluminum alloy, with double-row ball bearings and special stainless steel sealing rings. It has flexible rotation, reliable sealing performance and durability. The balance system has counterweights, torsion springs, compression springs, tension springs and lead screws, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic balances, all of which can be operated with very little force. It is mainly used for loading and unloading equipment for loading and unloading liquid medium in automobile tanker, train tanker or tanker. Compared with the old-fashioned hose connection, the loading crane pipe adopts a hard connection method, coupled with safety devices such as emergency detachment, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of tube bursts and fractures, and has high safety. Therefore, crane pipes are used in the loading and unloading processes of chemical, petroleum, and winery industries. Loading crane tube use range:

Tank truck top loading

With casing structure, steam or thermal oil is passed in the casing,

Poor loadability,

Medium that needs to be warmed,

The interface is variable.

Applicable medium: crude oil, residue, asphalt, etc.

Crane tube design pressure: 1.6MPa ~ 2.4MPa

Crane tube design temperature: -19 ℃ ~ + 180 ℃

The above is a brief description of the loading crane tube used by Xiaobian for its high safety. Everyone can simply understand it. The content is for reference only. If you need advice, please contact us.

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