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Special construction steps for bottom loading arm

The following editors talk about the special construction steps of the bottom loading arm:

Crane pipe is a kind of pipe that can be telescopically moved. It is mostly used for the loading and unloading of liquids in petroleum and chemical terminals, and the medium in the pipe such as oil and water. It is divided into a variety of types, which has the advantages of high safety and flexibility compared with old-style hoses.

Crane pipe is a special equipment for fluid loading and unloading in the petrochemical industry, also known as fluid loading and unloading arm. It uses rotary joints to connect with rigid pipelines and elbows to realize mobile equipment for transporting liquid media between trains, trucks and trestle storage and transportation pipelines. It replaces the old-fashioned hose connection, and has high safety and flexibility. And long life. The product complies with the GB 50074-2002 "Code for Design of Petroleum Depots". It is an ideal special equipment in the process of sending and receiving oil. It can also be widely used in the chemical industry and other industries to send and receive various liquid raw materials.

Close the valve of the loading crane pipe, and use 8T cars to lift the crane pipe to be removed.

Remove the bolts for flange connection of the crane tube and the bolts of the support.

The removed crane tube was transported to a safe location with a trailer, and the bracket of the crane tube was removed by gas welding, and the removed crane tube was transported to 21 # dock for storage.

Reinstall the removed bracket on the original crane tube bracket position.

Use a 8T car crane to erection the newly installed crane pipe to the original crane pipe position, and fasten the bolts for flange connection.

Welded the bracket to the newly installed crane pipe connection.

After installation, clean up the construction site and ensure that there are no hidden dangers before leaving the site.

The above are the special construction steps of the bottom loading arm that we briefly described to everyone. You can simply understand it. The content is provided by Lianyungang Hengjiang Petrochemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. If you need consultation, you can contact us.

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