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What exactly is a crane pipe?

The following editor is aboutCrane tubewhat exactly is it?

The utility model is a movable recovery pipeline, which is mainly used for liquid loading and unloading of petrochemical docks. The medium of the pipeline is oil and water. Compared with the old-fashioned hose, it has the advantages of high safety and flexibility.

Crane pipe, also called liquid boom, is a commonly used fluid loading and unloading tool in petrochemical industry. It is connected with rigid pipes and elbows with rotary joints to realize the mobile equipment for transporting liquid medium between trains, tank cars, and trestle storage and transportation pipelines. This equipment is safe, flexible, and has a long life. It is an ideal special equipment for oil sending and receiving technology, and can be widely used in chemical and other industries to transport and receive various liquid raw materials.

According to different purposes, crane pipes can be divided into the following categories: crane pipes, train loading and unloading use, aircraft crane pipes, railway crane pipes, and aviation crane pipes. If necessary, they can be purchased as required.

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