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The crane tube replaces the traditional hose

With the economic development of our country, the use of crane tubes has become more and more common. The reason why the use of this equipment has become more and more common and the reason why it is gradually replacing some traditional equipment is because of the advantages of this equipment in terms of performance. , For example, the replacement of the hose by the crane tube can explain this problem in many ways.

In terms of safety: Crane pipe is also called universal pipe filling system, which is mainly composed of seamless pipe, elbow and rotary joint, with flexible rotation, reliable sealing, and safety performance much higher than filling hose.

Operation and use: The former is generally equipped with a balancer to balance the gravity of the outer arm, the car receiving parts and its accessories, so that the outer arm can be balanced at will, which can reduce the operating force of the operator, and the operator can use a small force. The outer arm can be moved to reduce the labor of the operator.

In terms of price: the former is durable, with a service life of 5-10 years. The hose needs to be replaced every year. In contrast, the price is much more expensive than the former. In summary, the crane tube replacing the traditional filling hose is not only to cooperate Safety regulations, more importantly, can reduce potential safety hazards, improve loading and unloading efficiency, reduce losses, and save manpower and material resources for petrochemical companies.

With the development of economy and society, more backward, energy-consuming projects or products will be eliminated. Why don't we use good products? Therefore, it can be said that crane pipes can replace hoses in many ways. As a result of the combined effect of the factors, you can understand the pros and cons between the two products from the content explained in the article. The former is more dominant in choosing to buy.

The above is the crane tube that the editor tells you to replace the traditional hose, and tells about its performance advantages. You can simply understand it. The content is for reference only, and you can contact us if you need advice.

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