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How to replace the sealing ring in the crane tube?

Crane tubeIt is mainly composed of fixing, rotating, operating, balancing and other mechanisms and oil pipes. The sealing ring is installed in the slewing mechanism (rotary joint). The quality of the sealing ring determines the larger tolerance and angular deviation to be compensated, and thus determines the wear condition, and it is very important to maintain the normal working condition of the sealing ring. When something goes wrong, it should be replaced in time. So how to replace it? Today, the editor compiled the following replacement process for everyone and shared it with you.

Loosen the connecting screw, remove the crane tube and take out the old sealing ring;

Use gasoline to clean all parts of the rotary joint that are in contact with the sealing ring, and then apply a layer of grease to the new sealing ring;

Slowly rotate the outer ring and use a magnet to take out all the balls in the two raceways;

Exit the outer ring along the shaft and fold the inner and outer rings;

Take out the original dust-proof ring or raceway sealing ring, and put the new oil in the crane tube.

The above article is a description of how the seal ring in the crane tube is replaced by the editor. I hope the description can help you understand the crane tube. The content is for reference only. If you want to know more inquiries, please feel free to contact our crane manufacturer.

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