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How many days is the maintenance period for crane pipes?

in order to avoidCrane tubeIn the course of use, there are problems that affect our construction process. We should conduct regular maintenance and inspections. According to different cycles, check different items and separate them at a time, so as to avoid duplication and avoid omissions.

Overhaul period: 3-6 months for medium repair and 6-12 months for overhaul. The maintenance content is as follows:

Intermediate repair project:

Sand or replace dirty or oxidized contacts.

Check and tighten all loose screws in time.

Overhaul items:

Including intermediate repair projects.

Check the leakage of the main sealing ring and replace the main sealing ring in time.

Open the outer arm balance spring cylinder plastic cover and press down the outer arm to compress the spring. At this time, add calcium-based or lithium-based grease into the cylinder.

Perform a change of ester lubrication on the rotary joint.

Crane pipe disassembly process: the disassembly is allowed in connection with the production, and the workshop will send a special person to supervise the industry.

You can use the above process as a reference, because the actual situation of many friends is different from ours, but the inspection results and cycle are basically the above content. The short answer description hopes to help you understand the content is for reference only, and you can contact our manufacturer if you need advice.

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