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The loading crane pipe is suitable for distributing various fuels from various oil depots

Loading crane tubeThe utility model is suitable for various fuels issued by petroleum depots, and can also be used for filling operations of automobiles and trains receiving and dispatching various liquid raw materials in the chemical industry and other industries. The following small series of sorting operation procedures are for reference. Before loading the crane, the operator needs to check the integrity of the oil depot platform facilities to determine whether the truck is equipped with a fire shield. For the electrostatic ground wire, it is necessary to ensure good contact and clamping at the designated position to ensure the effective fastening of the main beam of the tanker.

Before unloading the oil, the operator should connect the electrostatic ground wire to ensure that the electrostatic work is carried out smoothly as required. Close the oil discharge port to ensure that the oil and gas do not leak. When the operator loads and unloads oil, the riser pipe of the crane must extend to the bottom of the tanker's oil cylinder. The operation must be fast and the time must not exceed 1 m/s. The oil spill probe on the arm level alarm should be placed in the highest safe position of the cylinder head. Strictly control the oil transceiver switch according to the requirements of the loading system.

After the crane loads and unloads the oil, the remaining oil and gas in the tail pipe should be drained before it can be placed in the original position. After loading and unloading the oil by the crane, be sure to remove the static wire in time, and check whether the related equipment is reset before the vehicle leaves.

The above is a small series, telling you that the loading crane pipe is suitable for the fuel emitted by various oil depots. You can simply understand it. The content is for your reference only, you need to consult and understand before you can contact our manufacturer.

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