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Analysis on the start-up failure of crane pipe

In fact, knowing more about the start-up failure of the crane tube, and learning to analyze the cause of the failure and how to solve it, can greatly improve the ability of your control device. So once the equipment fails, they can quickly find out the cause, how to solve it, and solve it in a short time, which will reduce the loss of the failure. So the following small series will take you to analyze the failures in this area together.

The motor can not start normally: If the motor is used as the prime mover, first manually dial the motor cooling fan to see if the rotation is flexible: If it is flexible, it may be due to the failure of the starting capacitor or the reduction in capacity, when the value of the starting capacitor is the same when the value of the starting capacitor is replaced.

If not, it is considered that the rotor is stuck. When cleaning, add grease to prevent rust, or remove foreign matter from the stuck rotor. Reverse rotation: For this situation when it is used for the first time, it should be stopped immediately at this time. For example, if the motor is driven, any two-phase power supply of three phases should be replaced, and the rotation direction of the pump can be changed.

If a diesel engine is used as the power, the connection of the belt should be considered. So when the crane pipe fails, don’t panic, first cut off the power, then check whether your own safety measures are in place, and then check the equipment to find out the cause and solve it quickly. This is a safe way to deal with it. At the same time, the small series reminds everyone that before starting the device, you must do a detailed inspection before it can be started.

The above is a small series about the start-up failure analysis of the crane tube, you can take a look at it briefly. The above content is for reference only. If you have any comments, please contact us.

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