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Talking about the production technology of liquid chlorine crane pipe

The production of liquid chlorine crane pipes adopts a low-pressure process. The dry chlorine delivered by the hydrogen chloride process enters the tubular liquefier, exchanges with calcium chloride brine at -35 °c, and liquefies the chlorine at low temperatures. The liquid chlorine pipe flows into the liquid chlorine tank or evaporator from the bottom of the liquefier, and the non-liquefied tail gas flows back to the chlorine tail gas distributor from the top of the liquid chlorine tank. The filling of the liquid chlorine pipe adopts the method of vaporizer pressurization to press out the liquid chlorine in the tank, and the liquid chlorine cylinder is pressed into the liquid chlorine cylinder through weighing measurement. After the cylinder is packed to the specified filling weight, the liquid chlorine in the packaging line is pumped into the low-sodium blood for absorption.

With the expansion of production scale, the production pressure of liquid chlorine crane pipe is also increasing. The original 4 filling equipment has been increased to 6, and the labor intensity of the operators has increased. To ensure that the filling process is strictly controlled and no overload occurs, the number of operators has been increased accordingly. However, because the operators of the 6 electronic ground weighing instruments manually read the filling control information, the manual shut-off valve is judged to be closed and open, and the filling weight control accuracy is not high, and there is inevitably overload, which brings safety to production. Hidden dangers. By comparing the detected electronic weighing signal with the given weight, the PLC controls the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve to realize the automatic control of the liquid chlorine cylinder.

During the control process, the air bottle to be filled is placed on the electronic scale. The secondary meter of the electronic scale displays the weight of the air bottle, and transmits the weight to the PLC controller with a 4-20ma DC signal, and the same weight is passed through the communication line It is displayed on the LCD touch screen connected to the plc. The operator needs to input the confirmation weight through the touch screen, click "open", open the corresponding pneumatic shut-off valve, and start filling. When the filling volume of the empty bottle reaches the set value, the plc automatically outputs to close the pneumatic valve to complete the entire filling process. In this control system, there is a manual/automatic switching device. The process operator can choose the control method according to the actual situation. In addition, it can also output voice prompts to prompt the operator to fill in or fill in abnormally, so that the operator can find and solve problems in time.

The above is a small series, telling you about the production process of liquid chlorine crane pipe, you can briefly understand. The content is for reference only, those who need reference can contact us.

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