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Anti-corrosion work of LPG crane pipe three-step ladder

LPG crane pipeIn the process of loading and unloading, it is often necessary to use a three-step ladder. Because it is mainly operated outside, the appearance of the three-step ladder is easy to corrode, so how to prevent its corrosion?

The protective coating should be a qualified product within the validity period, and the color and type of the coating should meet the technical requirements.

Before painting, all parts should be cleaned of surface rust, oxide scale, welding slag, burrs, oil and water and other dirt.

The movable ladder is required to be galvanized as a whole (including handrails and frame structure) and then sprayed twice with the top coat to achieve a beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion and durability.

The above is a brief description of the anti-corrosion work of the LPG crane pipe three-step ladder. I hope the simple description can help you understand. The content is provided by Lianyungang Hengjiang Petrochemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. For more inquiries, please contact our factory!

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