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Liquid ammonia crane pipe quick joints are usually composed of stainless steel joints and tankers

Liquid ammonia crane pipe quick joints generally use stainless steel joints to connect with tank trucks.

Because liquid ammonia is a flammable and explosive medium, according to Article 16 of the Office of the Safety Commission issued by the Office of the Work Safety Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council on Further Strengthening the Work Safety of Hazardous Chemicals, Article 16 states: " During the installation process, promote the use of universal filling pipeline systems instead of filling hoses, and it is prohibited to use hoses to fill liquefied hazardous chemicals such as liquid chlorine, liquid ammonia, liquefied petroleum gas, and liquefied natural gas."

The liquid ammonia crane tube realizes the airtight connection between the tanker and the pipeline, avoids various hidden safety hazards that existed in the previous use of hose connections, and greatly improves production efficiency. Main material of liquid ammonia crane pipe:

Pipeline flanges and fittings: 304; ball valve: 304; quick coupling: 304;

Rotary joint: outer ring 30CrMo or 45 steel, inner ring 304, flange 304;

Main sealing ring: PTFE, stainless steel frame;

The above is a brief introduction by the editor for ammonia crane pipe quick couplings, which are generally connected to tank trucks with stainless steel couplings. You can simply understand and take a look. The content is for reference only, please feel free to contact our factory if you want to know more inquiries.

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