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Do you all know how to install a car?

Do you know loading crane management? Do you know what they do and what they do for you? If you are in the chemical industry, this knowledge is very important to you, then the editor of Hubei Hongyi will take you to understand its mystery. The use of hoses deals with hoses that are prone to bursting. For hazardous chemicals, cranes have improved the safety of loading and unloading operations. Now that government departments want to incorporate it into safety standards, they must be implemented. Crane: Telescopic movable pipeline used for loading and unloading liquids in petroleum and chemical docks (such as oil and water). It is a special equipment in the process of loading and unloading fluids in the petrochemical industry. The rotary joint connected by the rigid pipe and the elbow realizes the liquid medium transportation and movement device between the train, the tank car and the trestle storage and transportation pipeline, which replaces the original hose connection method, and has high safety, flexibility and long life. The product conforms to the GBJ74-84 "Oil Depot Design Specification" standard.

It is an ideal special equipment for sending and receiving oil products. It can also be widely used in the sending and receiving of various liquid raw materials in the chemical industry and other industries. Railway and highway oil loading and unloading crane pipes are mainly used as special equipment for loading and unloading oil on railway tank cars and highway tank cars. From the loading and unloading type, it can be divided into upper loading and unloading and lower loading and unloading. It can transport petroleum products such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil, and lubricating oil. It can also transport chemical products, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, dissolved sulfur, asphalt, carbon disulfide, etc.

The above is a small series. I will give you a brief introduction to the knowledge of loading cranes. I hope that a brief introduction can help you understand the loading crane pipes. I hope that you can contact our manufacturers for more inquiries.

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