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Analyze the potential characteristic uses of crane pipes

Speaking of crane pipes, I think everyone knows it better, but because of the special nature of crane pipes, its use is also quite special. Today I will take you to crane pipe manufacturers to analyze its potential special uses.

Crane pipes are generally used for loading and unloading of gasoline and other liquids, which can flexibly enter and exit the tank truck. This type of crane pipe is generally used on railways and belongs to the train crane pipe. It is most suitable for railway unloading on both sides of the trestle. Its structure is very simple and it rotates very well. It is flexible and can be operated by one person. Each rotating part is sealed by rubber, which is convenient for recycling, energy saving and environmental protection. The sealing performance is very good, safe and reliable.

In the process of loading and unloading, the arrangement of the high-level junction pipe will destroy the absorption capacity of the crane pipe, slow down the loading and unloading speed, and finally terminate the oil unloading. However, the low-level junction pipe can avoid the mutual interference between the crane pipes and reduce The tightness of the crane pipe is required to smoothly realize the loading and unloading. The crane tube is suitable for sending and receiving various liquid raw materials in the chemical industry and other industries. Those with a sealed groove must be installed with a butter ring before connecting. If the angle is not correct, readjust it.

The key part of the crane tube is the outer ring of the diamond rotary joint, which is mainly to ensure that it is safe and reliable regardless of high temperature or low temperature. In order to avoid accidents, the crane tube should be fixed and the oil transfer arm should be raised to The proper position makes the product weighing instrument in a relaxed state.

The above is a brief introduction to the analysis of the potential special uses of crane pipes. You can simply understand and take a look. The content is for reference only, you can contact us if you need to know about it.


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