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How to choose a more reasonable fluid loading arm

How to choose a more reasonable fluid loading arm form?

The operation form of the fluid loading and unloading arm (hydraulic arm) can be divided into two types: manual operation and pneumatic transmission. It can also be divided into upper and lower parts according to the upper and lower parts of the tanker connected to the crane and the tanker. So far, in the use of pipelines for truck tanker loading and unloading cranes in my country, liquefied petroleum gas and liquid ammonia are all used in the lower type, and most other media are of the upper type. The upper loading and unloading crane can be divided into open loading and unloading and closed liquid loading and unloading.

In principle, the sealed loading of flammable and explosive media is safer and more environmentally friendly. Open loading is only suitable for heavy-viscous media, because static electricity is prone to occur. From the perspective of environmental protection, sealed loading should be volatile, toxic, and toxic. Harmful and pungent odors also require our environmental protection and safety supervision departments. Pneumatic or manual methods should be used for loading and unloading booms (cranes): The advantages of pneumatic cranes are still very prominent, automatic operation, convenient, and labor-saving. However, due to the high price and high failure rate, maintenance is more troublesome than manual cranes.

In summary, the selection of pneumatic or manual hoisting pipe should take into account all aspects of human and economic conditions. As a manufacturer, we now have mature technology and continuous improvement. The maximum power of a manually operated crane is about 30 Newtons. It is also very portable and has a longer service life.

The above is a small series, telling you how to choose the form of the fluid loading arm more reasonably, you can simply understand and take a look. The content is for reference only, please contact us if you need to understand.

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