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What is the significant role of the movable ladder?

The movable ladder is used for the operator to safely walk between the operating platform and the top of the tanker of different heights. As a standard product, the movable ladder is equipped with step locking, spring cylinder balancing machinery, hand and knee guardrail, and foot guard flip step.

Equipped with a casual balance device, which can hover at any angle.

Choose a suitable length of movable ladder to meet different types of vehicles.

Active step, in any position, always maintain a level state.

An anti-collision cushion is installed at the contact between the step and the tanker.

Compact structure: It takes up little space when in storage.

Large carrying capacity: the maximum carrying capacity can reach 200 kg.

Simple installation: only 4 M16 bolts can be fixed.

The above is a brief introduction to you about the significant effects of the movable ladder. You can simply understand and have a look. The content is for your reference only. If you want to know more about the consultation, please contact our manufacturer.

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