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Use the ladder to hover at any angle

The moving ladder is used for the operator to walk safely between the operating platform of different heights and the top of the tanker. As a standard product, the ladder is equipped with step locking device, spring cylinder balancer, hand, knee guardrail and foot guardrail turning steps. Equipped with random encounter balancing device, you can hover at any angle.

The proper length of the mobile ladder can meet the needs of different types of vehicles. Move your feet and stay level at all times. A bumper pad is provided at the contact point between the steps and the tanker. Compact structure: small space in receiving state.

Bearing capacity: The maximum bearing capacity can reach 200 kg. Simple installation: only 4 M16 bolts are needed to fix the device.

The above is a small series, I will give you a brief introduction on the use of ladders can hover at any angle, you can simply understand. The content is for reference only, if you need more consultation, please contact our factory.

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