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How is the loading crane tube loaded?

Loading crane tube is suitable for gasoline, coal, diesel, liquid chemical medium vehicles, and top loading and unloading vehicles. Loading crane tubes can be divided into three categories, namely: fully automatic crane tubes, pneumatic with manual crane tubes, and manual crane tubes. There are three special functions for loading crane tubes, which are: gas phase recovery, heat tracing, and deformed products. Crane tube operation rules and procedures:

Before loading the crane pipe, the operator needs to check the integrity of the oil depot's oil platform facilities, check the electrostatic grounding wire, and ensure that the main truck beam is fastened and useful.

The electrostatic grounding wire should be connected before unloading; do the oil stabilization and static work according to the rules.

Place the oil spill probe to the safe height of the cylinder port

After the crane pipe loading and unloading is completed, the remaining oil and gas in the tail pipe need to be emptied before putting forward the original orientation.

The above mentioned Xiaobian gave you a brief introduction on how to load the crane tube, and everyone can simply understand it. The content is for your reference only. If you want to learn more about the issue of crane management, you can always pay attention to our website update.

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