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Common cutting method of ethylene oxide crane tube

Common cutting methods for ethylene oxide crane tubes:

This is the most basic condition for the gas cutting process to work normally. If the melting point of the crane tube is lower than its ignition point, it will first be melted during preheating, and the temperature will no longer rise, so that the combustion process will not occur under the action of cutting oxygen. Crane tubes made of pure iron, low-carbon steel, and low-carbon alloy steel with less alloying elements can meet this condition, so they have good cutting performance.

With the increase of carbon content, the melting point of steel decreases and the ignition point increases. For example, the high-carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.70% has a melting point that is basically equal to the ignition point. Therefore, a crane tube with a carbon content of 0.70% or more, Gas cutting is more difficult. The ignition point of aluminum, copper, cast iron and other materials is higher than the melting point, so it cannot be cut by ordinary oxygen cutting methods. The crane pipe is connected in series by a flexible joint with good rotation and tightness, which is used to transfer liquid medium between the tank truck and the trestle storage and transportation pipeline.

Only in this way, the liquid and easy-flowing oxide slag can be blown off to continue the cutting process, otherwise, high-melting oxides will cover the cuts in a solid state, hindering the subsequent material oxidation, making the cutting process difficult.

The above is a brief description of the common cutting methods of ethylene oxide crane tubes, which everyone can briefly understand. The content is for reference only. If you need consultation, you can contact us.

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