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How much do you know about the technical parameters of the liquefied gas crane tube

LPG crane tube is an arm used for loading and unloading of LPG. The first thing to know about liquefied natural gas is that it is a colorless, volatile liquid. In a refinery, this liquefied petroleum gas is produced when natural gas or petroleum is liquefied at a lower temperature and pressure. . It is highly flammable, and when it reaches a certain concentration range in the air, it will explode in an open flame.

From the above, it can be seen that liquefied petroleum gas is a flammable, explosive, and volatile medium, which needs to be sealed and loaded with a special loading and unloading crane. The crane model is usually AL2543, the letter AL stands for land-based liquid loading arm, and the first digit 2 stands for bottom loading and unloading. The second digit 5 represents the number of rotary joints of the liquid phase tube 5, the third digit 4 represents the number of flip joints under the gas phase tube, and the fourth number 3 represents the number of flip joints on the liquid phase tube. Main technical parameters of liquefied gas crane tube:

Design pressure: 2.5 MPA;

Test pressure: 3.75 MPA

Design temperature: -40 c ~ + 60 c

Transport medium: Liquefied petroleum gas,

Nozzle flange standard: HG20594-97 Nominal size: liquid phase: PN2.5 DN50; gas phase: PN2.5 DN25

Connection type: Copper quick connect.

The above is a small series, telling you about the technical parameters of the liquefied gas arm, you can simply understand it. The content is for reference only. For inquiries that need to be understood, please contact our manufacturers.

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