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The main structure and material requirements of hydrochloric acid crane tube

The following editors will tell you about the main structure and material requirements of the hydrochloric acid crane tube :

Crane pipe is a special equipment for fluid loading and unloading in the petrochemical industry, also known as fluid loading and unloading arm. It uses rotary joints to connect with rigid pipelines and elbows to realize mobile equipment for transporting liquid media between trains, trucks and trestle storage and transportation pipelines. It replaces the old-fashioned hose connection, and has high safety and flexibility. And long life.

Crane pipe is a kind of pipe that can be telescopically moved. It is mostly used for the loading and unloading of liquids in petroleum and chemical terminals, and the medium in the pipe such as oil and water. It is divided into a variety of types, which has the advantages of high safety and flexibility compared with old-style hoses.

Column: support, support the turning moment when the arm is deployed;

Rotary joint: It consists of rotating parts and seals, etc. It is mainly used to connect different components of the liquid loading and unloading arm for relative rotation and can bear the load;

Inner arm: It is used to connect the pipeline and connect with the outer arm;

Outer arm: It can rotate in the range of horizontal and vertical planes. It is mainly used for loading and unloading parts that adjust the working position with the tank car and tank ship;

Balancer: a component used to balance the rotating moment of the outer arm;

Vertical pipe: a pipe fitting that can be connected to or inserted into the tank mouth of a tanker or tanker;

Sealing cap: fit the mouth of the tank for sealing;

The main material of hydrochloric acid crane tube:

Pipeline: carbon steel lined with PTFE;

Rotary joint: PTFE lined;

Main sealing ring: lined with PTFE;

Gas phase tube: PP;

Vertical pipe: PP;

The above is a brief description of the main structure and material requirements of the hydrochloric acid crane tube, which everyone can briefly understand. The content is provided by Lianyungang Hengjiang Petrochemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., it is for reference only. If you need consultation, you can contact us.

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