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Talk about the main advantages of using liquid chlorine crane pipe

The following editors talk about the advantages of using liquid chlorine crane pipes:

Scope of application: An important feature of our company's land-use fluid loading and unloading arm series products is that they are specially designed and manufactured according to different user conditions, so they can meet the site conditions of users to the greatest extent. The products have the most appropriate structural form and structural dimensions, which make loading and unloading operations and equipment maintenance simple and easy.

Rotary joint: The most critical part of the land fluid loading arm produced by our company is the rotary joint. The perfect design makes our products flexible, well sealed and able to adapt to relatively harsh environments. Its main seals are filled with tetrafluoride, which has the characteristics of high wear resistance and self-lubrication, and also has automatic compensation for wear, which makes the main seal have a long service life. The selection of the material of the rotary joint also makes it have higher performance and bearing capacity and longer service life. The inner ring is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the outer ring is made of high-strength alloy steel.

Improve loading: The conventional product of the land fluid loading arm produced by our company is to fix the pipeline on a stable installation post through bearings and rotary joints, so that our company's technical characteristics are fully displayed, the product's overall mechanical performance is improved, and The pipeline system is reasonably stressed, the rotary joint has a long life, flexible rotation, and convenient debugging and maintenance.

Vacuum short-circuit device: This product is designed with a "vacuum short-circuit device", which is a device used to connect the inside and outside of the pipe after the fluid loading and unloading, which is convenient for emptying the remaining liquid in the pipe, which ensures that no residual liquid remains in the pipeline and reduces users. The degree of on-site pollution also increases the safety and reliability of this product's re-operation, especially for higher viscosity fluids, which can better reflect its superiority.

Static conductive device: The static conductive device is to eliminate the static electricity that may be generated during the loading and unloading process, and also to prevent the static electricity from causing harm to the rotary joint. This guarantees the performance of this product and the safety of the user's site.

Vertical pipe form: This product is designed with a variety of vertical pipe forms, which is convenient for users to choose, or according to the transmission medium and transmission conditions.

Closed alarm: For some highly volatile chemical media, especially toxic media, closed loading and unloading operations are required. The double rigid tube sealed loading and unloading arms in our products are designed for this situation. One is liquid phase. The tube is used for the loading and unloading of the medium. The second is a gas phase tube, which is used to recover the volatilized gas. The double tube form can be combined. Because the vertical pipe of the arm is provided with a sealing cap, the cap will be pressed against the tank mouth of the tanker during operation, so that the operator can no longer observe the filling situation through the tank mouth, so this product is equipped with a liquid level alarm system. There are two types of alarms, pneumatic and electric, with simple design, reasonable structure, reliable alarm and convenient maintenance.

The above are the main advantages of the liquid chlorine crane tube that I briefly described to you. You can simply understand it. The content is for reference only. If you need advice, please contact us.

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