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Analysis on the selection principle of crane tube

The following Xiaobian will tell you the selection principles of crane management:

For corrosive fluids, avoid splashing and ensure personal safety. Sealed loading or vertical pipe insertion into the bottom of the tank truck should be used for loading;

The liquid medium that is prone to static electricity accumulation and is volatile, should be inserted into the closed telescopic pipe with a return pipe;

Low-volatile liquid medium that is prone to static electricity accumulation should be inserted into a long vertical pipe when loading the vehicle, and a vertical pipe with a shunt cap outlet or an open telescopic pipe can be used;

Low volatile liquid medium, when the exhaust gas from the loading of the vehicle is polluting the environment or harmful to the human body, it should be installed with a return air pipe, closed short vertical pipe or long vertical pipe outlet;

The loading and unloading of Class A and B flammable liquid media should be closed. The crane tube adopts the structure with a return gas pipe, and the gas phase is balanced by nitrogen seal or balance pipe.

When loading and unloading flammable and volatile liquid medium, the liquid loading and unloading arm shall adopt the vertical pipe connection type of "with return air pipe closed telescopic pipe outlet";

Non-hazardous liquid medium, can be loaded with open plug-in, short vertical pipe;

For Class A, B and A liquid media, the top sealing cap (cap) type sealed liquid with return air line should be used for loading under the car. bottom;

B, C, A liquid medium should be loaded under the liquid, the end of the vertical pipe should be in the form of diverter;

C-type B liquid medium can be loaded with plug-in short vertical pipe;

At a temperature of 20 ° C, for liquid media with a vapor pressure greater than 5kPa (A), the volatile gas has a certain recovery value. The top sealing cap (cover) type should be used for closed loading.

When the ambient temperature is lower than the freezing point of the liquid medium, the liquid loading arm should take heat tracing measures;

When the low-temperature fluidity of the liquid medium is required, jacketed or electric heat tracing measures can be adopted;

When the outer wall of the heat tracing tube and the process tube must not be in direct contact, heat insulation treatment should be performed.

The above is an analysis of the selection principles of crane pipes, which can be briefly understood by everyone. The content is for reference only. If you need advice, please contact us.

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