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How is the loading crane tube used?

Loading crane tube is suitable for gasoline, coal, diesel, liquid chemical medium vehicles, and top loading and unloading vehicles. Loading crane tubes can be divided into three categories: full automatic crane tubes, pneumatic manual crane tubes, and manual crane tubes. Loading crane tube also has three special functions, which are: gas phase recovery, heat tracing and heat preservation, and deformed products.

The following crane tube manufacturers talk about the operation rules and procedures of loading crane tubes:

Before loading the crane pipe, the operator needs to check the integrity of the oil depot's oil platform facilities to see if the oil truck is equipped with a fireproof cover. For the electrostatic ground wire, be sure to make good contact and clamp it in the designated position to ensure that the main beam of the truck is fastened effectively.

Before unloading, the operator should connect the static grounding wire, and ensure that the oil stabilizing and standing work is carried out smoothly according to the requirements; the unloading port must be closed so that oil and gas cannot leak.

When the operator is loading and unloading oil, the vertical pipe of the crane pipe must reach the bottom of the tanker tank, and it must be fast during operation, and the time should not exceed 1 m / s.

The crane oil level alarm overflow oil probe should be placed at the highest safe position of the cylinder port.

According to the requirements of the loading system, strictly control the oil switch.

After the oil loading and unloading of the crane pipe is completed, the remaining oil and gas in the tail pipe need to be evacuated before being put into the original position.

After the crane pipe loading and unloading is completed, the static wire must be removed in time to check whether the vehicle can leave after the relevant equipment is reset.

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