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Safety protection measures of the bottom loading arm

The following editors will tell you the safety protection measures of the bottom loading arm:

Crane pipe is mainly composed of fixed, rotating, operating, balancing and other mechanisms and oil pipes. Among them, the slewing mechanism (slewing joint) is carefully made of forged steel or aluminum alloy, with double-row ball bearings and special stainless steel sealing rings. It has flexible rotation, reliable sealing performance and durability. The balance system has counterweights, torsion springs, compression springs, tension springs and lead screws, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic balances, all of which can be operated with very little force.

Fill the pipeline with oil before welding.

Before construction, the construction personnel shall be provided with technical knowledge and education on safe and civilized construction.

Our company sends two people to carry out on-site monitoring. Guardians: ***, ***.

Sweep the slick oil and combustible materials remaining on the scene of the fire. The construction area is demarcated, and the construction personnel work within the delineated construction area, and no unauthorized access is allowed. Unrelated personnel are prohibited from entering the construction area. Personnel entering the construction area are prohibited from bringing fireworks and mobile phones.

The oxygen and acetylene bottles must be fixed vertically during baking or steam cutting during construction, with a distance of more than 8m and a distance of more than 10m from the fire.

At the scene of the fire, the construction unit is equipped with two 8kg dry powder fire extinguishers. Before the fire, the fire application should be processed according to the requirements. The fire can be started only after approval.

Establish a strict safe construction guarantee system and supervision system, and operate effectively in this project. Every link in the construction process must be carefully checked to eliminate the hidden dangers of insecurity in the bud.

After the operation is completed, the site must be carefully cleaned up without leaving any hidden dangers. After the operation is completed, you can leave the site only after confirming the safety.

The above is a brief description of the safety protection measures of the bottom loading arm for everyone. The content is for reference only. If you want to know more about the crane tube, you can contact us Lianyungang Hengjiang Petrochemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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