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Loading crane tube
Loading crane tube

One. Overview

Loading crane pipe is mainly composed of fixed, rotating, operating, balancing and other mechanisms and oil pipe. Among them, the slewing mechanism (slewing joint) is carefully made of forged steel or aluminum alloy, with double-row ball bearings and special stainless steel sealing rings. It has flexible rotation, reliable sealing performance and durability. The balance system has counterweights, torsion springs, compression springs, tension springs and lead screws, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic balances, all of which can be operated with very little force. It is a device that is connected in series with a flexible joint with good rotation and tightness, and is used to transport liquid medium between the tank truck and the trestle storage and transportation pipeline.

two. Advantage

1. Good sealing performance The compression force provided by the buckle locking mechanism overcomes the influencing factors leading to seal failure. The pressing force of this mechanism only acts between the sealing device and the tanker port, and has less influence on external factors such as crane pipes and tankers, and can produce a reliable seal even in the above-mentioned adverse conditions.

2. Long service life The sealing device has a reasonable design and compact structure. There are no other vulnerable parts except the sealing rubber pad. The design life of the entire device can reach 20 years.

3. Extensive scope of application In addition to the special seals required for special tanker entrances, automobile tube crane seals are suitable for most bodywork tanker entrances, and train tube crane seals are suitable for various train tanker entrances. . High elastic rubber pads are made with different formulas according to different conveying media.

4. High degree of automation For the situation on the spot, the pneumatic method is used to realize the automatic control of the locking action. For the fully automatic crane tube, the crane tube and the sealing device can be fully controlled.

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three. use

1. Post:

In order to rationalize the stress of the pipeline, it is used to support the weight of the arm, disperse the load of the rotary joint, and install it firmly.

Bolts or welding can be used when assembling the columns and the trestle.

2. Inner arm locking:

It is used to lock the arm in this position when the arm is in the storage position. This can prevent the arm or surrounding buildings from being damaged due to high winds or by non-operators.

3. interface:

It is the connection part between the arm and the pipeline. Generally, the flange connection is used between the interface and the pipeline.

4. Rotary joint:

It is used for the rotary motion of the arm, which meets the normal range of use (envelope range). Conventional crane tubes use 4 or 5 rotary joints to achieve three-dimensional motion and the connection of flange interfaces.

5. Inner arm:

The part between the connection interface and the outer arm can be turned on a horizontal plane.

6. Outer arm:

The main part of the crane tube can achieve 360 ° in the horizontal direction.

75 ° vertical swivel.

7. Gas phase tube (AL1412 / 3 type):

Use stainless steel metal hose to lead out volatile gas medium.

8. Vertical pipe:

The loading and unloading arm is extended into the tank car, and the aluminum alloy vertical pipe overcomes the danger that the steel material may collide with the tank truck.

9. Balance system:

It is used to balance the weight of the outer arm and the vertical tube, which makes the arm flexible and lightweight. The balance system is a spring cylinder, and the spring in the cylinder is a compression spring.

10. Vacuum short-circuit valve / exhaust valve:

The vacuum short-circuit valve ensures that the residual medium is evacuated from the crane pipe, and the exhaust valve is used to discharge the gas from the crane's vertical pipe.

11. Sound and light level alarm (optional):

The liquid level probe is installed on the head of the vertical pipe, and reminds the operator to close the valve when the liquid medium in the tank truck approaches the mouth of the tank, which can be linked with the control electro-hydraulic valve.

four. effect

The "pull-off valve" for loading and unloading crane pipe fittings is also called the emergency release device. It can prevent the unloading hose from being broken due to incorrect operation, causing a large amount of liquid leakage to cause accidents. The principle is to automatically disconnect when external tension is applied, and to automatically close the two sections to prevent the unloading hose from being pulled. The pull-off valve (emergency release device) can prevent leakage accidents caused by accidental breaking of crane tubes and hoses. Applications include: Ship-to-shore unloading, tank and road loading on roads and railways, and other fixed and mobile fluid storage devices such as crane pipes, connections between fluid transfer arms and transport carriers.

Loading and unloading crane pipe accessories "pull-off valve" (cut-off valve) emergency release system ensures the greatest degree of safety in fluid transportation in marine and land crane pipes. With a simple and unique design, when the crane pipe is loaded and unloaded beyond the operating system's rating, this system can be completely and safely disconnected in the crane pipe without any leakage. The emergency pull-off valve (emergency cut-off valve) has the advantages of ensuring triggering when the danger occurs, closing the valve instantaneously, few drips and relatively small pressure loss.

The benefits and advantages of the "break valve" (emergency release device) for loading and unloading crane pipe accessories. The break mechanism must ensure that the equipment can be automatically and quickly disengaged during the "emergency disengagement"; "Disengagement" occurs during normal operation, affecting normal loading and unloading operations.

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