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Universal filling arm
Universal filling arm

One. Overview

The universal filling arm, namely the crane tube, is a pipe system composed of multiple rotating joints, elbows, multiple sections with the same or different pipe diameters, different lengths of pipes, ball valves, quick-fit joints, flanges, etc. , Can achieve a group of pipes to complete the specified movement in three-dimensional space, to achieve the purpose of safe and environmentally friendly transport of fluid media (liquid, liquefied gas). Universal filling pipe arm is usually used for fluid loading and unloading of automobile tank cars, train tank cars and tank ships. Universal filling pipe arm adapts to media: liquid ammonia, liquid chlorine, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas, dimethyl ether, alcohols, acids, alkanes, oil products, etc. Optional accessories for universal filling arm: ball valve, quick-fit joint, loose flange, emergency pull-off valve (domestic or imported), emergency release device, quantitative loading control system, etc. The State Council Work Safety Supervision and Administration Commission Office released on September 14, 2008, Safety Committee Office [2008] No. 26 [Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening the Safe Production of Dangerous Chemicals] Article 16 states: " During the installation process, the use of universal filling pipe systems instead of filling hoses was promoted. The use of hoses for filling liquid chlorine, liquid ammonia, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas and other liquefied hazardous chemicals is prohibited.

two. effect

The universal filling pipeline system has received great attention from safety supervision departments in provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and counties across the country, safety production and environmental protection management departments of various enterprises and institutions, and liquid handling companies such as fertilizers and chemicals. Provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and other provinces, cities, and counties have successively issued documents and implementation rules in response to the [Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening the Safe Production of Dangerous Chemicals] issued by the Security Commission, and have repeatedly emphasized The importance of universal filling pipeline system in the filling of hazardous chemicals. The reason why the universal filling pipeline system is so important is that it has flexible rotation, good sealing, and high technical content. It is used in liquid ammonia, liquefied gas, liquid alkali, dimethyl ether, liquefied petroleum gas, and liquefied natural gas. Tank filling of liquefied hazardous chemicals can achieve safe and environmentally-friendly transport of fluid media, and eliminate human injury, economic loss, and explosion caused by hose bursts that often occur in filling liquefied hazardous chemicals. Safety and environmental accidents.

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