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Quick Connector
Quick Connector

Quick joint is a joint that can realize pipeline connection or disconnection without tools. It is widely used in tank truck loading and unloading operations in the liquid chemical industry.


1. Save time and effort: When disconnecting and connecting the oil circuit through the quick connector, the action is simple, saving time and labor.

2. Fuel saving: When the oil circuit is broken, the one-way valve on the quick connector can close the oil circuit, and the oil will not flow out, avoiding the loss of oil and oil pressure.

3. Environmental protection: When the quick connector is broken and connected, oil will not leak and protect the environment.

4. The equipment is set to zero, which is convenient for transportation: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be carried easily are transported after being disassembled using quick connectors, and assembled after reaching the destination.

5. Economy: The above advantages create economic value for customers.

1. General occasions: liquefied gas, benzenes, alcohols, alkanes, hydrocarbons, etc.

Crane tube manufacturers introduce the application of quick connector:

1. General occasions: liquefied gas, benzenes, alcohols, alkanes, hydrocarbons, etc.

Use ordinary Yin-Yang quick connector, commonly known as: wrench type --- quick connector.

There are stainless steel and copper materials.

2, dedicated for gasoline and diesel cars --- dry valve (commonly known as zero leakage valve).

Compound US API standard. It is a fast dry-connection device that can realize two-way self-closing between the upstream and downstream of the medium.

Imported brand EMCO dry valve

Gas phase connector

3, HJS63A aviation pressure refueling joint is currently one of the most advanced structural wing down pressure refueling joints. It can be docked with IS045 1980 (E) international standard joint seat. Through the pressure refueling system, it can be used for various aircraft, ships Ships and vehicles perform refueling (pumping) operations.

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