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Crane tube
Crane tube

One. Overview

Hydrochloric acid is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride (chemical formula: HCl), also known as hydrochloric acid. It is a monobasic inorganic strong acid. It is a colorless and transparent liquid with a strong pungent odor, high corrosivity, and a wide range of industrial applications. Concentrated hydrochloric acid (mass fraction is about 37%) is extremely volatile, so when the container containing concentrated hydrochloric acid is opened, the hydrogen chloride gas will volatilize and combine with water vapor in the air to produce small hydrochloric acid droplets, which will cause acid to appear above the bottle mouth. fog. Due to the corrosive and volatile media characteristics of hydrochloric acid, special loading crane tubes need to be used for loading and unloading operations. Hydrochloric acid crane tube product use: Used for loading and unloading of hydrochloric acid.


Design pressure: as required; Test pressure: as required

Design temperature: as required

Transport medium: hydrochloric acid

Nozzle flange standard: HG / T 20592-2009

Nominal size: liquid phase: DN50-DN80;

Gas phase: DN25-DN50

Pick-up form: sealed top of sealed cap

Product structure

Column: Supports and supports the turning moment when the arm is deployed

Rotary joint: It is composed of rotating parts and seals. It is mainly used to connect different components of the liquid loading arm for relative rotation and can bear the load.

Inner arm: used to connect the conveying pipe and connect with the outer arm

Outer arm: It can rotate in the range of horizontal and vertical planes. It is mainly used for loading and unloading parts that adjust the working position with the tank car and tank ship

Balancer: A component used to balance the torque of the outer arm

Vertical pipe: Pipe fittings that can be connected to or inserted into the tank mouth of a tanker or tanker

Sealing cap: Fitting the mouth of the tank for sealing

4. Material

Piping: Carbon steel lined with PTFE

Rotary joint: PTFE lined

Main seal: PTFE lined

Gas phase tube: PP

Vertical pipe: PP

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