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Ethanol (alcohol) crane tube
Ethanol (alcohol) crane tube

Ethanol is a flammable and volatile medium, which requires special loading crane tubes for loading and unloading operations. Ethanol (alcohol) crane tubes are crane tubes used for ethanol loading and unloading operations. According to the physical and chemical characteristics of ethanol and the specific requirements of customers for loading, ethanol loading crane tubes generally adopt the top closed or open loading form, and the specific applicable model is generally AL1402. The first digit 1 represents the bottom loading and unloading, and the second digit 4 The number of rotary joints representing the liquid phase pipe is 4, the third digit 0 represents a non-gas phase pipe, and the fourth digit 2 represents the liquid phase pipe is a bottom connection type.

Ethanol (alcohol) crane tube parameters:

Delivery medium: ethanol (alcohol)

Nominal size: DN50-DN100

Pick-up form: top-closed loading

The main structure of ethanol (alcohol) crane tube:

Column: Supports and supports the turning moment when the arm is deployed

Rotary joint: It is composed of rotating parts and seals. It is mainly used to connect different components of the liquid loading arm for relative rotation and can bear the load.

Inner arm: used to connect the conveying pipe and connect with the outer arm

Outer arm: It can rotate in the range of horizontal and vertical planes. It is mainly used for loading and unloading parts that adjust the working position with the tank car and tank ship

Balancer: A component used to balance the torque of the outer arm

Sealing cap

Vertical pipe

The main material of ethanol (alcohol) crane tube :

Pipe: Stainless steel

Sealing cap: EPDM

Rotary joint: outer ring 30CrMo or 45 steel, inner ring 304

Main sealing ring: PTFE, skeleton 304

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