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One. Overview

The mobile ladder is used for the safe passage of the operator between the fixed platform and the top of the tanker of different heights. It mainly consists of steps, armrests, spring cylinder balance systems, etc.

two. Features

  1. The step adopts a toothed grid structure, which has good anti-slip performance, and is very suitable for use in rainy and snowy days or under heavy oil pollution.

  2. The structural design has high strength, and the design weighs more than 300 kg.

  3. The whole is galvanized, beautiful and durable.

  4. Equipped with random balance device, can hover at any angle.

  5. Selecting a suitable length of step ladder can meet different types of vehicles.

  6. Step on the move, and keep it horizontal at any position.

  7. A bumper cushion is installed at the contact between the step and the tanker.

  8. Compact structure: small space when contained.

  9. Large carrying capacity: the maximum carrying capacity can reach 200 kg.

  10. Simple installation: only 4 M16 bolts are needed for fixing.

  11. SA type folding stepladder (can be designed separately according to user needs.)

three. Installation method

The installation of the stepladder can be fixed to the trestle with anchor bolts or directly welded to the trestle.

Model Description:

The step ladder is divided into:

3 step ladder, 4 step ladder, 5 step ladder

By drive control mode:


H-hydraulic drive


D—electric type

By installation form:


C—Side loading

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