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Boarding ladder
Boarding ladder

The boarding ladder is a device for loading and unloading operators and crew to safely and smoothly get on and off the ship during the docking operation of modern large oil tanker docks. The traditional boarding device is completed by a gangway carried by the ship itself.

During the development of the oil tanker wharf, the modern large oil tanker wharf, especially the uncovered pier wharf, is not completely continuous and has a high elevation, and the ship has frequent bumps and movements during the operation, and the amplitude bigger. Because the dock fender is large, the distance between the ship's side docked on the dock and the dock shoreline is large. The ship-shore connection in this condition is difficult to solve by the gangway carried by oil tankers. Therefore, in order to speed up ship loading and unloading operations and ensure the safety of people getting on and off the ship, modern large-scale oil tanker docks are the inevitable choice to replace ship gangways with boarding ladders. The boarding ladder is almost similar to the oil transfer arm and has become an indispensable large-scale operation device for oil tanker terminals.

The boarding ladder is a special equipment for all kinds of large-scale docks in modern times to safely and smoothly get on and off the ship during the dock operation. for

For terminals above 50,000 tons, it is difficult for the ship's own gangway to form a safe channel between the shore and the ship. Therefore, the boarding ladder has become an indispensable key device for large-scale terminals.

Although the boarding ladder is simple in function, due to its environment, the boarding ladder must have good technical performance. In order to adapt to the always turbulent conditions between the ship and the shore

, And the occasional situation that may occur, the design should make a detailed analysis of the relevant hydrological and meteorological data of the port and the relevant information of ships that may arrive at the port to determine its appropriateness.

According to the operating conditions, the correct structural scheme and reliable safety protection measures must be selected to achieve the intended purpose.

Yuanda Machinery can provide customers with the following options:

BL-E1 consists of main ladder, triangle ladder and frame. Applicable to terminals of 0.3-30 million tons.

BL-E2 consists of a main ladder, a front ladder, a triangular ladder, a rotating platform, and a column. Applicable to 0.5-50,000 tons of terminals.

BL-E3 consists of main ladder, front ladder, triangular ladder, rotating platform, traction mechanism, and upright. Applicable to 10,000-80,000-ton terminals.

BL-E4 consists of main ladder, front ladder, triangular ladder, rotating platform, lifting mechanism, and tower. The rotating platform can be raised and lowered along the tower. Suitable for 2-30 million tons of terminals.

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