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AM64 Double Pipe Loading Arm for Hydraulic Ship
AM64 Double Pipe Loading Arm for Hydraulic Ship

The marine fluid loading and unloading arm (oil transfer arm) is mainly composed of a pipeline part, a pipe fitting accessory, a rotary joint, a balancing device, a supporting mechanism and a control and operating system.

Structural features of marine fluid loading and unloading arms: The key parts of the rotary joint are made of alloy steel and stainless steel, and the compound raceway is used. It can withstand severe axial, radial and moment loads and rotate flexibly. The sealing structure is unique. It adopts wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene material PTFE, with a stainless steel frame embedded, and the sealing surface is polished. The sealing performance is superior and reliable. During loading and unloading operations, the tanker moves within the normal range to exert sufficient flexibility. Smart and versatile accessories for environmental protection and safe operation. The detachable rotary joint eliminates the need for lifting equipment for repair, maintenance and replacement of the seal.
The pipe material can be selected from carbon steel, stainless steel, low temperature steel, PTFE, plastic, and glass steel. High-quality surface treatments and coatings improve weather resistance.

The electrical control system mainly includes an explosion-proof control box, a wireless remote control system, and an audible and visual alarm. The control box is equipped with a display interface that can display information such as operating conditions, system status, faults and alarms in real time.

The hydraulic control system mainly includes explosion-proof hydraulic pumping stations, explosion-proof hydraulic valve groups, explosion-proof safety valve groups, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic pipelines. It can effectively drive the loading and unloading arms in three dimensions. Each component is specially anti-corrosion treated and can be adapted to seashores such as salt spray Bad weather.

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