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AM63 single tube loading arm for hydraulic ship
AM63 single tube loading arm for hydraulic ship

AM63 Marine Loading Arm

The marine fluid loading and unloading arm is a special equipment for loading and unloading liquid or gaseous medium between the dock and the tanker by using a rotary joint with a variety of characteristics such as flexible rotation, good sealing, and adaptability to harsh environments.

During the transmission, follow the tanker within the normal drift range of the tanker;

· Manual operation or electro-hydraulic control can be adopted according to the loading arm diameter, model and load;

· Depending on the type and temperature of the transmission medium, the loading arm can be designed to be made of carbon steel, stainless steel or steel lined PTFE pipes;

· Design temperature range is -196 ℃ ~ + 250 ℃

· Design pressure is PN1.OMPa ~ PN4.OMPa.

Marine fluid loading arms can be divided into manual type and electro-hydraulic control type.

Manual models are as follows:

AM62M, AM63M, AM62MX, AM63MX;

Electro-hydraulic control models are as follows:

AM62H, AM63H, AM62HX, AM63HX.


The product is designed as a separate support structure, including:

· Pillar with base;

Trunnion support;

· Inner arm support;

· High point bearings;

· Outer arm support system.

The pipes and swivel joints are completely separated from the support structure and therefore only bear:

Internal pressure (generated by the medium in the tube);

· Media weight / self-weight.

All external loads and moments are borne directly by the support structure, which will standardize the entire pipeline. which is:

· All pipes use the same caliber;

· Six rotary joints use the same caliber and sealing ring;

· The entire pipeline, rotary joint and other parts can be replaced on site;

· Due to the free expansion and contraction of the pipeline, the influence of thermal stress is limited;

-Corrosion and wear margins are limited to a minimum, these factors no longer cause structural failure or fracture of the loading arm.

The AM63H and AM63HX loading arms are equipped with three sets of hydraulic components, which drive the inner arm, the outer arm, and the horizontal rotary motion. The three sets of components can be interchanged. The three hydraulic cylinders can be operated through the electro-hydraulic console and can be equipped with a mobile control box So that the operator can control the movement of the arm on both the dock and the tanker. Both AM62 and AM63 loading arms can be equipped with a double ball valve emergency disconnect (DBV / ERC) to automatically break when the tank ship header docked with the arm drifts out of the preset safety envelope.

The AM63HX loading arm can also be equipped with 2 ", 3" or 4 "evaporated gas return lines (also can be manufactured with larger calibers as required).

• Only the pressure inside the pipeline and the stress caused by the weight of the medium act on the rotary joint and the pipeline.

· The support system adopts large-diameter slewing support to effectively reduce frictional resistance and make the operation light.

· The diameter of the rotary joint and the pipeline is uniform.

· Rotary joints are of the same model with less spare parts.

The pipeline is suspended on the support system, which effectively eliminates additional stress caused by temperature changes.

· The counterweight system keeps the loading arm in a balanced state at any position, and the balance in the movement of the inner and outer arms is realized by the rotary joint through the follow-up counterweight device.

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